We deliver a wide range of winches designed for offshore use.

Riser Pull In Systems

Karmøy Winch developed a patented riser pull in system.
This system consist of a pull in winch and a movable sheave tower.

Mooring Winches

Karmøy Winch deliver a wide range of mooring winches for oilrigs and barges. Wire rope mooring lines and for chain mooring system.

The winch system is controlled by a control system.

Power Packs

We manufacture hydraulic power packs.
The powerpacks are skid mounted.

The powerpacks can be delivered with ATEX protection.

Wire Line Systems

Handling system for wire line operations.
The winches delivered inside an offshore container frame.

Hose Drum

We deliver different types of spooling units. These units is to spool cable sections on storage. These units is delivered both high pressure hydraulic , air or electrical driven.
Hydraulic hose drum with high pressure swiwle. The drums can be delivered with spooling device.

The drums are delivered in offshore container according to DnV 2.7.1 regulations.

Umbilical Winch for Subsea Tools

Umblilical cable with electrical slipring. The winch can also be delivered with fibre slipring.