Deck Machinery

We deliver winches and deck machinery for escort, harbour and coastal tugs. Our systems are the preferred choice for tug operators around the world.

Anchor Handling Equipment

We fabricate compact anchor handling units for smaller tugs. These units is low building height and can be placed directly on the deck. They integrate Karm Fork, Towingpins and Sternroller.

Towing Pins

We deliver different types of towingpins for towingvessels. The towing pins can be delivered in stainless steel for low friction and wear on tow rope.

Anchor Windlass

We deliver a range of anchor winches and windlasses.

Tugger Winches and Capstans

We deliver a range of capstans and tugger winches.

Towing staple

Hydraulical operational towing staple. Raised from the ship deck.