Control systems

Our integrated control system control all handling system onboard. This is based on PLC control connected with remote control and operating panels (touch screens). The equipment is made for control of all equipment on deck from radiocontrol and touch screens. You can choose between manual or automatic/synchro control.

On the radio control unit You can choose what equipment to operate. There are a display showing system data, synchro control and alarms. The control systems can be special designed for each vessel.

The systems are delivered to many vessels both towed and bottom seismic operation,
The system integrate all deck machinery onboard: streamer winches, gun winches, towing points, spooling devices, aux winches, wide tow winches and powerpack. The system is flexible and can communicate with other systems onboard, example power-management systems or the navigation system.

The number of radio remotes and touch panels are flexible. The radio remotes can be delivered with 2-way communication and LCD-panel.

The system have Synchro operation function for all streamer winches on deck.

Updating Control Systems on Existing Vessels

We can update the control-system on existing vessels. The system is flexible and can be used on most manufactures equipment. We can supply a complete package of both the control system and installation and start up.

Remote Access Service

Our system can be delivered with remote access mode . The control system can monitored online from a maintenance and service center onland. It makes possibility for monitoring condition and service problems from land.

Safe Deck Handling

Camera and Graphic information is shown on the touch panels, on the color panel on the LCD radio remote. The information can also be monitored online from remote control center. The monitoring system consist of monitoring cameras and IR and laser sensors ,angular sensors, RFID and tension sensors.

The objective of the system is to monitor operation of many different types of equipment, winches , spooling devices, towpoints simentainously and give information and alarms to system operator on deck. Some functions are:

  • Alarm , Automatic shutdown when personnel close to winch.
  • Cable direction, spooling and monitoring. Slack cable alarm.
  • Collision prevention mode.