Emergency Towing Systems

The emergency towing systems is delivered according to IMO regulations.

The system is flexible with installation both on deck and below deck.

Karmøy Winch AS produce emergency towing systems, fairleads and strongpoints for tug operation according to IMO and OCMIF regulations. The products are approved by a wide range of classification societies.

Escort Towing Equipment for Tankers

We manufacture strongpoints and fairlead for escort vessels.

The loads of modern escort tugs are high. The strongpoint and fairlead is design for safe and efficient operation.

  • Emergency towing systems for tankers aft version with onboard steel wire. Two sizes below 20000dwt (1000 kN) and above 20000dwt (2000kN).
  • Emergency towing system forefor tankers with strongpoint chafe chain and fairlead.
  • Escort towing fairleads of SWL 2500 kN
  • Escort towing strongpoints for SWL 3000kN

Portable Firefighting / Salvage Pumps

System for portable firefighting /salvage pumps.

The system consist of a hydraulic powerpack and different special designed pumps for firefighting, salvage pumps and oilrecovery pumps.

Oil Recovery System

We fabricate system for oil recovery skimmer pump and storage-drum for oil recovery booms.