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We have a wide range of spooler winches in stock. Many of these winches are containerized for easy shipment.



Pull Capacity

Storage Capacity

Stock Nr.


1 M360439 40 tons 103mm x 5600m
Inner diameter: ø3885mm
Outer diameter: ø5740mm
Drum lenght: 4580mm

V00110 Download
2 M362351 10 tons 103mm x 6500m
Inner diameter: ø2000mm
Outer diameter: ø4800mm
Drum length: 4800mm

V00201-5 Download
3 M361623 5 tons Diameter: 2000/4800mm
Length: 2200mm

V00201-4 Download
4 361220 9 tons Diameter: 1030/1510mm
Length: 1490mm
V00206 Download