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Spooling Device

We supply spooling devices for standardized drums.

# Type Pull Capacity Storage Capacity Stock Nr.
1 M361538 30 tons 99mm x 2000m u/f
2 M367500 2 tons 20mm x 300m u/f
3 M361623 24 tons 77mm x 4700m u/f
4 M360509 20 tons 77mm x 4500m u/f

"Peak Killer" Tensioner

"Peak killer" tensioner reduces the peak loads during lifting operations. The unit can be intergrated with loadpins.


Submersible Pumps

We can supply submersible pumps for pumping water and for dredging use. The submersible pumps are driven by high pressure hydraulics. Lifting head 10m - 20m

# Type Capacity
1 18"/24" 2000 - 5000 tons/hour
2 14"/18" 500 - 2500 tons/hour
3 8"/10" 100 - 500 tons/hour
4 2" 50 tons/hour






Cranes/ A-frame

We can deliver deck cranes and A-frame. Contact us for further information.

Tensioner / Compensator

We can deliver passive linear compensator and active hive compensator unit. Sheaves can be adjusted to the different size of wire rope. Contact us for further information.

Cable Laying Unit

We can provide cable laying units for electrical and fibre cables.

cable laying

Monitoring Systems

We have a wide range of load– measuring, pressure flow measurement equipment available. Load cell and load bolts from 15 to 300 ton.
Dimensions, size and price on request

We have a wide range of equipment:

  • Running line monitoring
  • Pressure Transmiters
  • Load pins , cells
  • Ultrasonic flow measuring
  • Hydraulic oil water analysis
  • Hydraulic oil contamination analysis
  • NDT- testing equipment