Wire blocks

We manufacture a wide range of trawl blocks, purse seine blocks and wire sheaves. We deliver wire blocks and wire sheaves for fishing vessels.

The product range consists of trawlblocks, purseseinene block, “Africa”-blocks, wire sheaves and fairleads.

We design and manufacture special blocks and fairleads for special applications.
The blocks are designed for: long life time, reduce damage on wire, high rotation efficiency, easy maintenance. The sheave are equipped with High Quality roller bearings. The roller bearings increase the rolling efficiency for the sheave. The sheave bolt is of stainless steel. The lubrication system for the sheave is special design for long life time and easy maintenance in a marine environment.

The the standard blocks can be delivered with three different types of round eye, fork eye, oval eye.The hangup can be delivered with bronze bearings or roller bearings.

The wireblocks are delivered tested and with certificate that fulfils the requirements of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Upon customer requirements can the blocks be deliver with other certificates.
The block is delivered standard sandblasted, metalized and with 2 layer paint.

Trawl blocks / Purse seine blocks:

Type: K250 K335 K400 K500 K600 K700 K800 K1000 K1200
Dia. [mm]: 250 335 400 500 600 700 800 1000 1200

Africa blocks:

K400 K500 K800
400 500 500