Test facility

  • Tests up to 500 tons tension

  • Four testplattforms for objects up to 20m x 20m

  • Testing of Power-packs up to 1000 KW

  • 20000 sqm outdoor testfacility

  • Underground controlcenter

  • Dynamic tests

  • Seawater supply for testing of pumps.













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The testfacility consist of a outdoor area of 22000sq m. The test facility consist of 4 testplatforms each test platform can be used with forces up to 500 tons tension. The facility can test objects with size up to 20m x 20m with loads up to 500tons.

At the test site its a underground testcontrol center .

In this control center there is camera monitoring , tension monitoring and controls for the testing equipment.

The electric powersupply is designed for supply of powerpacks up to 1000 kW.

There is different types of testing machines. For pull testing, dynamic testing and cyclical- testing.

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