For Offshore industry:

  • Powerpack with size up to 1000 KW
  • Pull in winches up to 600 ton pull
  • Traction winches
  • Windlass up to 300 tons
  • Chain stoppers
  • Deck cranes with active heave comp.
  • Constant tension winches
  • Cable winches
  • ROV-winches
  • Umbilical-winches
  • Storage drums
  • Cable layer
  • KARM J-tube insert system
  • Patented Riser-pull in system for oilplatforms and FSPO's

Pull-in winches with capacities up to 600 tons pull.

We have a special patented riser-pull in system for oilplatforms and FSPO's. This system is compact and consist of a integrated winch and sheave system.


Tractions winches of different design with pulls capacity up to 300 tons. The different types of traction winches consist of multisheaves units and units with integrated  wrie storage drum.

Storage drums and cable/pipe reels.

We deliver windlasses with size up a chain diameter of 160mm.

Storage drums for big diameter hose for  plattforms and ships.



Compact winches for oilservicing equipment. This is airdriven winches with special tension system. The compact frame is desinged for fast replacement of drum. The winches can be delivered with spooling system.

Special umbilical winches for operation of ROV's or subsea tools. We also supply divebell and manriding winches .




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